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6-U2M8 - Splinterz, the ever popular sport in the Caldari State where opponents pit their custom-made robots in a dance of destruction, has always drawn crowds and fans even outside of the nation it originated from. Throughout the period of time I-RED has maintained a presence in foreign lands, it was not uncommon for personnel to engage in hastily formed Splinterz tournaments. Now, however, a mixed ethnic group of I-RED employees has taken it a step further, and created the Syndicate Splinterz League.

"We are excited to announce the official formation of the league, which will be open to all and provide a more structured organization for Splinterz events throughout the region of Syndicate", stated SSL Founder Gerachi Boika. "It is a wonderful and entertaining sport which inspires creativity, ingenuity, and strategy. We are currently planning for tournaments and tournament procedures and hope to roll out details within the coming weeks!"

The announcement of the formation of the SSL sparked a hearty chuckle from I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann. When asked if I-RED will provide official sponsorship and financial support for the league, he simply responded, "it is a possibility."

Already an array of Splinterz teams have been popping up throughout Syndicate, announcing their presence for any interested players or sponsors.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.03.08

Syndicate Splinterz League Formed

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