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AAS-8R - Earlier today, a large transport carrying over 25,000 cubic meters of Quafe products erupted in a fireball after a faulty maintenance drone triggered an immediate warp core overload while attempting to conduct standard repairs. Fortunately, the crew of the transport had already been dispatched off the vessel for a quick rest aboard the Quafe Company Warehouse. No one was reported to be injured during the blast.

"We are grateful that no one was injured in this strange incident", stated a Quafe Company spokesmen. "Our station's maintenance crews were quick to handle and control the situation with great efficiency. The loss of product is but a small price to pay for the safety of everyone in the vicinity."

The spokesmen indicated that the maintenance drone suspected of causing the incident is part of an aging group of CreoDron maintenance drones. The Warehouse has since suspended use of these aging maintenance drones. It is expected that the station will upgrade their complement of maintenance drones to newer models.

Cleanup of the incident is largely complete. All that really remains left to do is wiping off the colorful and tasty product off the exterior Warehouse walls. 

by Taigeru Beldeia - YC119.03.05

Faulty Maintenance Drone Causes Quafe Disaster

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