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Oijanen - It has been nearly a month since the initial quarantine of Myrskaa on Oijanen II. With a positive outcome for the gradually diminishing population of the city growing weaker and weaker, I-RED has ordered a shuffle in command for the original squadron of twenty-four ships sent to reinforce other State forces.

The squadron, composed of one battlecruiser, thirteen cruisers, and ten frigates, was commanded by Commander Nujaiko Pavsakl. Orders have since been given by I-RED command for Pavsakl to return his squadron to Syndicate. Pavsakl is expected to have their squadron depart the area first thing tomorrow morning, local time.

Taking the place of Pavsakl's taskforce, however, is a contingent of forces from Akagi Initiative and Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch. Both corporations bring substantial forces to supplement the existing Caldari Navy and Home Guard cordon. Both are also currently under security contract with I-RED.

The exact specifications of the Akagi forces has not been released, but it is estimated that a sizable fleet of heavily-armed battleships and advanced cruisers compose the Internal Watch forces.

Meanwhile, aside from a video leak obtained from inside the cordon, the situation in Oijanen has remained relatively static. The CEP has already performed deliberations on how to proceed, and it is assumed that Ishukone has been in communications with I-RED on how to proceed. Some theorize this is why I-RED has pulled back their Enforcers from the scene. These rumors have yet to be substantiated. 

Koren Akko • YC119.03.05

Chain-of-command Shuffle In Oijanen

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