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XS-XAY - A press conference was held aboard the Reppola Logistic Support, where a number of I-RED Directors, notably Director Roirdan Bouchate and Executor Alex Hinkelmann, proudly announced the acquisition of four Upwell structures.

"We have been successful in completing negotiations for four structures in the systems of MHC-R3, 6E-578, 2X-PQG, and 6-CZ49", explained Director Bouchate with elation. "We have dedicated a team of employees in I-RAT who will be responsible for organizing personnel aboard the acquired facilities."

When asked about what will happen to the residents who already live aboard the structures, Director Bouchate said these individuals will be given three options: 1) they may apply and undergo a process to become I-RED employees, 2) they may remain living aboard the structures as guests, or 3) they will be provided a sufficient stipend to pack their belongings and be relocated on behalf of I-RED to a destination of their choosing.

"The Board of Directors has already decided that the 2X-PQG and 6-CZ49 structures will be taken down in favor of relocating them elsewhere", explained Executor Hinkelmann. "We are cognizant of the inhabitants of these facilities, however, and will be offering appropriate compensation due to this unforeseen circumstance."

Director Bouchate also made clear that the MHC-R3 and 6E-578 structures will be lumped into Operation Grey Steel; however, they will not be operating under a share system like the majority of other OGS structures. Instead, operational command of these facilities will be transferred to the subsidiaries of I-RED, while I-RED will maintain official ownership. Details of these talks have yet to be released.

"We are very pleased to add to our growing repertoire of facilities in Syndicate", concluded Director Bouchate. "With each new facility, a wealth of opportunities opens up for Intaki residents. We sincerely enjoy this blossoming relationship between I-RED and the Intaki Syndicate."

Selenna Solange • YC119.03.05

I-RED Negotiates Infrastructure Trade

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