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617I-I - Head of I-RED's Anoikis Research Division (ARD), Dr. Petrus Rouvier, has formally announced the planned launch of a deep-space expedition set to take place in Anoikis space this weekend. Dr. Rouvier himself will lead the expedition which will utilize a modified Ishukone Falcon-class recon cruiser. Design specs for the cruiser have not been released, but it is assumed that there will be adequate facilities on-board to accommodate research and deep-space travel.

"Preparations are nearing completion, and I am currently in the process of selecting the final research team members", stated Dr. Rouvier with elation. "This deep-space expedition will help us gather valuable data on the physics and landmarks of Anoikis."

Since the official creation of the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI), ARD has since been incorporated into the I-RTI corporate structure. Dr. Emiri Aneozomi, head of I-RTI, expressed optimism on the success of the expedition. Incorporation of the ARD under I-RTI has also had the side-effect of granting considerable additional funds for research projects.

I-RED Enforcer veteran Captain Javirr Takawa is set to be commander of the prototype Falcon. Captain Takawa has five years experience commanding starships with I-RED, and fifteen years experience of leadership while serving under the Ishukone Watch prior. When asked for comment, Captain Takawa merely stated that he is looking forward to continue serving I-RED in any capacity.

The expedition is set to commence this weekend, and is expected to last one month. 

Selenna Solange • YC119.02.28

Anoikis Research Division Set to Launch Expedition Soon

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