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Lirsautton - In yet another public manner, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann has announced that I-RED will not pursue an alleged interest in purchasing the planetary customs offices seized by Pyre Falcon Defence and Security (PYRE) and their allies.

"Rumors circulated that I-RED had an interest in purchasing these orbital infrastructure prior to initiation of the auction", explained Executor Hinkelmann in the midst of a media barrage of questions about the recent events in Lirsautton as he was touring the surface of Caldari Prime yesterday. "The fact of the matter is, these rumors are completely and wholly false. Assumptions should not be made about the interests of an organization you are not involved in." He then boarded a private vehicle and exited the premises.

The unexpected war with Federation-loyal Sanxing corporation has caused quite amount of turmoil for I-RED's public relations with some Federal entities. I-RED leadership, however, remains keen on acting professionally in public and sweeping the whole escapade quietly under the rug.

There have been a number of groups and individuals in the Federation who have called for the prompt resignation of Executor Hinkelmann, and the reinstatement of former Executor John Revenent as well as the rest of former I-RED leadership, including former Vice-Executor Korbin Lavius. Aside from one public outburst by Lavius, the rest of Revenent Defense Corporation (RDC) has remained silent on the handling of the Sanxing situation. Despite this, I-RED still maintains an ongoing security contract with RDC.

The fate of the customs offices currently under auction by PYRE remains uncertain, but whoever wins will most certainly inherit a very troubled history.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.02.25

I-RED Denies Interest in Lirsautton Customs Office Auction

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