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OIJANEN II - Orbital Quarantine Operation Station Vaatasuri

Mere minutes after the 15:27 State Of Emergency was enacted, Ishukone-Raata Certified News was granted access to a press release hosted by the Ishukone-Raata Directorship. The thought of a Kyonoke Outbreak seems to have taken many by surprise including Alexandre Hinkelmann, Executor of Ishukone-Raata's Directorate.

The Executor started the release by stating "Our worst fears have been confirmed by the Chief Executive Panel. At 15:27 galactic standard time, CEP called a emergency panel meeting. During this meeting it was confirmed by Caldari science personnel that the devastating Kyonoke Plague was exposed unto the population within the Myrskaa metropolitan core."

A shocking revelation considering many within the scientific community took to shrugging off the possibility or claimed a high improbability that the Kyonoke Plague was spreading on the planet surface. A spokesperson for I-RTI, Ishukone-Raata's Research Institute declined comment on their operations on the planets surface outside of the quarantine itself.

However a private contractor working for the institute had this to say "The technological institute as far as I can tell is working at great lengths to ensure the well-being of citizens displaced outside of the quarantine zone. Food, supplies, equipment (especially those in the medical field) have been moved to Ishukone-Raata funded refuge camps that further the humanitarian efforts on the planet below."

Later into the public release Alexandre went onto say "...we've maneuvered assets from our Syndicate, Black Rise and Lonetrek regions. These Internal Watch forces will be working shoulder to shoulder with the Akagi Private Military Corporation, who has been contracted on behalf of Ishukone-Raata to oversee the quarantine efforts. In addition we will be continuing our efforts with HECON and IKAME elements."

Alexandre's release delved into the new quarantine procedures that his staff and contractors were to follow. The more prominent, or some could say controversial efforts were as follows:



- All I-RED & Akagi ground based efforts are now RESTRICTED. Meaning anyone on the surface operating under I-RED are grounded and unable to leave the planet to ensure no breach of the quarantine occurs.

- All I-RED personnel, contractors are to ADHERE to all orders placed by the mandated quarantine command such as the Caldari Navy, CEP, Ishukone or any other State actors. This includes such requests of communication lockdowns from surface efforts.

- Internal Watch & Akagi orbital forces are to disable any UNAUTHORIZED vessels from leaving orbit.

- Internal Watch & Akagi orbital forces are to be prepared to engage in furthering a FULL SCALE planetary or system wide quarantine protocol.

It is expected that these protocols will remain in place until the Ishukone Corporation sends further instructions to her subsidiaries. The waves of unease seems to be felt not only by those here at Vaatasuri station but throughout the State, but if there is one thing we know about the State is that it endures.

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Koren Akko reporting.

Koren Akko • YC119.02.15

Ishukone-Raata Expands Myrskaa Response

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