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Lirsautton - We just received news recently that leader of the Isonomia Caucus, an infant organization and successor to the Villore Assembly, Xun Yu, has just announced his resignation from leadership positions within the Caucus and his own corporation of Sanxing.

In a humble statement delivered to the Caucus fluid router network, Mr. Xun revealed that his father had fallen very ill, and in order to fully dedicate the time and resources to take care of his father, he had to relinquish involvement with interstellar affairs.

News of his resignation has been met with mixed feelings. With the vacancy in leadership for the Caucus, the future looks uncertain to say the least. Time will tell to see if the capsuleer-run organization will fold, effectively silencing the largest initiative made by Federal capsuleers in recent memory to improve life in the Federation.

More importantly, it remains to be seen if Mr. Xun will ever return to interstellar affairs. Regardless of whether or not he does, he has certainly left an important legacy in the Federation. Largely credited with taking initiative and catalyzing a series of events which ultimately saw the end of the civil war of the Jin-Mei homeworld of Tei-Su, also known as Chandielle. Mr. Xun's influence will certainly leave a lasting impression for his fellow Jin-Mei brethren.

When I-RCN staff attempted to reach out to Mr. Xun, we were told he was not available for comment.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.02.12

Isonomia Caucus Future Shrouded In Uncertainty

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