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Oijanen - With the escalation of the quarantine to an even greater level, and the now complete sealing off of Myrskaa, the situation appears dire. The squadron of forces sent by I-RED have pulled up from their low orbit position - an order issued by squadron leader Nujaiko Pavsakl after back-and-forth communications with a significant Caldari Navy squadron that has since established position over the planet. Joining the ranks of the Caldari Navy force present over the planet was an equally large force of Home Guard security forces.

A team of medical personnel and disaster management crew belonging to I-RED that was present in the city of Myrskaa has been cut off due to the nanodome containment erected by the Caldari Navy. Additional personnel were working in the city outskirts, so they managed to avoid being trapped with the rest of the 36 million citizens under the containment field.

Dr. Emiri Aneozomi of the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute, who is with her team on the surface of Oijanen II, has since ordered an observation of martial rule which has been instated in the areas around Myrskaa. At her request, all attempts to recover I-RED personnel on the surface of Oijanen II have ceased for the time being.

Meanwhile, Pavsakl's squadron has taken up a much higher orbit over the planet, at the recommendation of Caldari Navy forces. Pavsakl remains in contact with the detachment of IKAME/ARC forces who have also responded to the situation.

When asked for comment, I-RED leadership only stated that "talks with the relevant corporate officials are ongoing", and that no more updates on the situation in Myrskaa are currently available. 

Koren Akko • YC119.02.12

The Situation In Oijanen

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