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Oijanen - A recent Scope article confirmed what has been circulating in local State news agencies that a Zainou-owned medical facility on Oijanen II has been sealed off in what looks to be a quarantine situation. Following the initial reports obtained by I-RED from State agencies, an emergency meeting was called for the Board of Directors. Once the Scope article was released, the meeting had just finished, and Executor Alex Hinkelmann issued a public statement on the Intergalactic Summit:

"As Aneozomi-haani stated Ishukone-Raata will be offering our aid to ensure a swift conclusion to this situation. Supplies will be shipped to the system, along with a full Internal Watch security detachment and orbital squadron to ensure this quarantine is not breached."

I-RCN can now confirm that the contingent of I-RED forces has just arrived in the system, and is currently establishing a position in low orbit of the planet while working with local officials to monitor the situation. Although it is unsure what kinds of communication have been going back and forth between I-RED forces and the local government, clearly I-RED is taking this news seriously.

Meanwhile, rumors are flaring up over the quarantine, which follows a similar situation that has broken out in a space elevator system in the Republic system of Muttokon. Prominent capsuleers of the IGS have been exchanging various forms of conspiracy theories, but all have yet to be given firm proof.

There lies a definite cloud of tension for the residents of Myrskaa, some of whom have family members or friends in the area which has been sealed off. Corporate officials, while being tight-lipped about the situation, did issue a brief statement in order to reduce circulating paranoia and confusion. However, the statement seems to have had little effect.

I-RCN will continue to monitor and report on the situation as it develops. ​

Koren Akko • YC119.02.09

The Situation In Oijanen

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