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A-3ES3 - Construction of what is planned to become a flourishing trade hub built largely by Intaki, for Intaki, is proceeding on schedule. The massive undertaking is being spearheaded by I-RED's Director of Public Works, Roirdan Bouchate. Bouchate has already made a name for himself throughout Syndicate as Project Manager for Operation Grey Steel©, an initiative under the umbrella Syndicate Stability Initiative II©, which has been considered as an overwhelming success. OGS© has brought a considerable influx of immigrants into the region, as well as a surge in economic activity and opportunities.

"I am pleased to report to our shareholders and the people of Syndicate that construction efforts of Atlas and Cloudfront are proceeding at optimal pace", said Bouchate in a press conference. "Here, the Intaki people are sovereign. Here, we shall push forward together into a brighter future for all of us. I-RED stands committed to seeing a healthy and vibrant Intaki Syndicate."

A number of high profile individuals from the Intaki Syndicate were seen at the press conference. This included representatives from Intaki Bank, with whom Bouchate and Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport are rumored to have excellent relations with. In fact, the suspicion of their good relationship is so strong, that some even claim that Intaki Bank is illicitly providing funds for the construction of Atlas and Cloudfront. Such claims have yet to be verified.

Bouchate stated that the space elevator system is expected to be completed around early April. Cloudfront is being assembled alongside the space elevator system, and is expected to be complete in the month following. Although groundwork for Atlas has initiated, designs are still a work in progress and so construction won't begin for at least the next few months. 

Selenna Solange • YC119.02.04

Atlas And Cloudfront Construction Proceeding Smoothly

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