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Intaki - While facilities under the operation of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive have seen new employees of many ethnic backgrounds since their construction, a personnel analysis report for the month of December reveals a significant influx of Intaki settlers seeking employment through I-RED.

"We came because I-RED has a long history working alongside the Intaki and supporting our people", said Ishya Kadenen, an Intaki steelworker who gained employment alongside his family. "I am excited to work under I-RED, and am confident in my ability to accomplish great things while I am here."

Keen eyes attribute the influx of Intaki settlers to the areas under the influence of I-RED due to a comprehensive and well-established marketing campaign in and around Intaki colonies.

In addition to gaining appeal from Federal Intaki, I-RED has also been gaining popularity and good reputation among Intaki living in Syndicate. A recent slew of business practices, as well as cultural and political moves has positioned I-RED well within the likes of many of their Intaki Syndicate neighbors.

When asked for comment on these recent trends, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann only had this to say: "I-RED remains committed to the people of Intaki, regardless of where they hail from. Throughout the course of our operations far away from the State, we have only ever been met with respect, kindness, and honor from the Intaki. We are paying it forward, and will take care of them as though they are our own."

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.01.15

Influx of Intaki Settlers

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