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6-U2M8 - Oriki Commercial Center / Ishukone-Raata Corporate Offices

Yesterday, the team at the I-RCN was granted the details of Ishukone-Raata's latest efforts to bolster security. A contract was negotiated later last night by Executor Alex Hinkelmann and the Leaders, Saya Ishikari and Wren Villeneuve of the Akagi Initiative.

Released details show at a glance that the Akagi Initiative would be aiding the RDC contractors with enforcement operations within the Grey Steel Citadels, and Operation R.E.A.C.H Customs Security. Though the contract seems far more expansive than what we've seen with previous contractors, detailing the creation of a joint-strike force between Ishukone-Raata's own security force and the Akagi group, it will further long standing anti-piracy policies and operations beyond the Syndicate region.

When I-RCN inquired what would costs would be involved with the Akagi contract, Ishukone-Raata refused to comment citing confidentiality concerns.


Comments from both leaders of the Akagi Initiative have been provided below:

Wren Villeneuve: "Akagi Initiative would like to state that we look forward to a bright and prosperous relationship between ourselves and I-RED, following as always in our ideals of justice and security."

Saya Ishikari: "In the spirit of cooperation and profit, we look forward to future opportunities and expansion alongside I-RED. Moitte."

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Koren Akko reporting.

Koren Akko • YC119.01.10

Ishukone-Raata Secures Security Contract with Akagi Initiative

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