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AAS-8R - It has been confirmed that there has been at least one fatality, and over a dozen injured in a yearly event hosted aboard the AAS-8R V Quafe Company Retail Center. The names of the victims have not been released.

"This was truly a tragic incident that should have not happened", began a press statement issued by Quafe Company, "we extend our sincerest condolences to the families of those affected by this incident, and keep them in our thoughts during this holiday season."

The fatality and injuries occurred during a yearly event hosted by Quafe Company aboard the station. Every year, on the eve of the Yoiul Festival, a massive store dedicated to selling all things related to Quafe opens up and offers loads of free goodies. This year, boxes and boxes of limited edition Winter Quafe were being given out for free.

The assembled crowd this year was extra hyped for the goodies, and created a stampede once the doors opened. Quafe Company promises a safer set of procedures for next year's event, if it is not canceled outright.

This incident has most certainly added a somber tone to a normally joyous time of the year.

Selenna Solange • YC118.12.24

Fatality Confirmed During Quafe Stampede

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