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Poitot - GalNet has seen a sharp rise in the popularity of what is known as the Fedo Challenge. The stunt involves laying in a confined area with a number of fedos crawling around your body. The goal of the GalNet challenge is to try to withstand the putrid stench of the fedos for as long as possible before exiting the confined area.

"I really don't understand the point of all these ridiculous GalNet challenges", rambles Doyal Pichevsky, a Quafe company worker. "Just the other month it was the Khuumak Shake, and before that we had the Iced Quafe Challenge. The absurdities that come out of popular and mainstream culture these days will never cease to amaze me."

Animal rights activist groups around the cluster have been harshly criticizing the Fedo Challenge. "Using innocent and defenseless fedos to fulfill your childish desires to follow popular GalNet trends is just not right", explains the Interstellar Fedo Protection Agency co-founder Maira Bonadarte. "Deliberately kidnapping fedos and placing them in a confined space in such close proximity to one another places an immense amount of stress on the animals. It can also spark territorial feuds among the males. This has to stop."

Currently the record for the longest Fedo Challenge goes to a Brutor gentleman in Heimatar by the name of Eiven Vlistrakur. Vlistrakur's time with fedos clocks in at just over an hour. "I definitely could have gone longer, but honestly I stopped early because my friends and I got bored so we left to play a game of Dungeons and Drakes", stated Vlistrakur.

Only time will tell how long this GalNet fad will last before a new one comes to take over.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC118.12.23

"Fedo Challenge" Going Viral

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