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A-3ES3 - A major press conference was held today aboard the A-3ES3 Tash-Murkon Refinery by Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. In summary, I-RED announced the designs and initiation of construction for Atlas and Cloudfront. It was revealed that Atlas would be a major city on the surface of the temperate world, A-3ES3 II. Atlas would be connected to the citadel in orbit via a space elevator system. Cloudfront is planned to be an large installation in the upper atmosphere of the planet, acting as a waypoint between the city below and citadel above. The space elevator system itself would drastically reduce the cost of transport to and from the planet, and also allow for mass import and export of goods.

"With the success of the Syndicate Stability Initiative II thus far, it seems only fitting to move forward with our plans for the construction of Atlas and Cloudfront," stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann with great elation. "We are proud to announce the fact that residents of the Intaki Syndicate will be the first ones allowed to move in once construction is complete. Furthermore, much of the construction and assembly efforts themselves will be done by individuals of Intaki descent. This will be their city, and their accomplishment. Let it stand as a symbol of our dedication to the Intaki people and those who call Syndicate their home." Hinkelmann's ending remarks were greeted with cries of joy and cheers all around.

Also present during the press conference were members of the I-RED Board of Directors, including Roirdan Bouchate and Selenna Solange. John Revenent and Korsavius stood present as representatives from the Revenent Defense Corporation.

"As I-RED's primary security partner, the safety and security of those who will call Atlas and Cloudfront their homes remains our top priority," touted Korsavius passionately. "We look forward to our continued service in protecting the livelihoods of our Intaki colleagues, and to providing quality security services to those who will call these locations their new home."

"For too long, the people of Syndicate have lived under the shadows of ridicule, judgement, and oppression," stated John Revenent firmly. "This initiative by I-RED and the construction of this city and planetary installation mark the commitment of I-RED and Ishukone to building bridges and forging stronger connections with our interstellar neighbors. For Ishukone! For the State!" Revenent's ending cheers were surprisingly echoed by many present at the press conference, even those who were of Intaki descent or simply residents of Syndicate.

Construction efforts of the space elevator system and Cloudfront are estimated to take approximately six to nine months, while the bare minimum assets of Atlas will be complete within a year, with development continuing for years to come.

These are exciting times for I-RED, and already many of the station owners and business owners in Syndicate have begun bargaining and reaching out to establish good business relations for the future.

Selenna Solange • YC118.09.19

Ishuk-Raata Announces Initiation of Atlas and Cloudfront Construction

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