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XS-XAY - The Reppola Logistic Support facility has seen a massive influx of transport vessels operated by Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive within the last couple days. The docks of the citadel have been swamped nearly constantly, with incoming and departing ships. Maintenance crew and dockyard employees have been working overtime, but do not mind the extra workload and longer hours.

"Sure, its pretty exhausting, but we are paid overtime, of course," said Hashi Nimora, a dockyard manager aboard the facility. "The crew has been doing their jobs diligently and with the utmost professionalism. I am quite proud, and I'm sure the I-RED Board of Directors are, too."

It has not been stated exactly what materials have been coming in and out of the facility. Some rumors have been floating around that many, if not all, of the materials are construction components and equipment. What for remains to be seen. The accuracy of these rumors also needs to be further investigated.

Selenna Solange • YC118.09.17

Mass Transit of Materials

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