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MXYS-8 - What was a routine patrol operation of Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] forces in the system of MXYS-8 ended up turning over an entire industrial ship’s worth of narcotics. The illegal goods ranged from nerve sticks to sooth sayer to X-instinct.

Given the independent nature of stations operating in the Intaki Syndicate, the Intaki Commerce Warehouse functioning in the MXYS-8 system had negotiated a security contract with I-RED once word broke out that I-RED was relocating back to Syndicate.

I-RED Enforcers responded to a call by their Intaki Commerce clients about a suspicious transport operating near their station. An Enforcer Caracal-class cruiser commanded by Captain Iven Murakka responded to the situation. After repeated attempts at contact, the vessel, a Nereus-class transport, initiated a warp sequence. Under normal circumstances, an I-RED Enforcer would not be permitted to engage a neutral vessel. However, while active in the operational areas of their clients, I-RED rules of engagement permit Enforcers to act in whatever way they see fit to protect the interests of their clients.

Captain Murakka quickly ordered a warp disruptor on the escaping Nereus, terminating the warp sequence just mere seconds before it left the field. A boarding party was assembled, although the operators of the transport offered no resistance. Tallying is still being done, but it has been determined that the transport was ferrying an excess of millions of ISK in drugs to an unknown location. The identity of the drug runners has not been released to the public.

When asked for comment, Captain Murakka only had this to say: “It’s good to be back.”

Taigeru Beldeia • YC118.09.11

Narcotics Shipment Bust Operation

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