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Transfer Of IshuNet™ Assets; IshuNet™ Beta Launched

Taigeru Beldeia • YC118.08.17

6-U2M8 - Earlier today, CEO of Ishukone-Raata Certified News Selenna 'Scarlet' Solange hosted a press conference alongside I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann and Revenent Defence Corporation pilot Korbin 'Korsavius' Lavius. The press conference, announced abruptly, brought with it much curiosity and intrigue aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center.

"Good afternoon," Solange started out, "today we would like to announce the launching of the closed beta IshuNet Task Network. This network will be owned and operated by I-RCN, along with other IshuNet physical and virtual assets; the complete shipment of the IshuNet Task Network will catapult I-RCN to a position of prominence and importance in the organization, acting as a broker between private contractors and I-RED."

Hinkelmann added on, "In many respects, the I-RCN will function similarly to the Scope Network. We have been working on this project behind the scenes due to a drastically increased baseliner population within our organization, and a decrease in capsuleer population." He continued in a steadfast tone, "in order to alleviate the logistical and tactical burdens placed on our organization, we are rolling out the IshuNet Task Network to divvy up the workload, freeing up our resources to more important tasks."

When asked when the open launch of the IshuNet™ Task Network will occur, Solange had this to say, "we are still working on various assets, but we expect the full shipment of the network to be available by mid-September."

Keen reporters noticed Korsavius' presence, despite not officially being an I-RED pilot any longer. In response to questions directed at him, he simply replied, "I can confirm this is a joint-undertaking between the Revenent Defence Corporation and Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. More details on the level of cooperation are forthcoming." Lavius declined to comment further, when continually pestered with questions from the media.

The trio went on to announce that the closed beta will not be open to capsuleers. However, Solange ended the press conference with a publication detailing what capsuleers and other private contractors can expect from the IshuNet™ Task Network once it fully launches. In the meantime, upgrades are currently underway for IshuNet™ and related assets, and baseliner customers may experience brief moments of disruption over the course of the next few weeks. Solange apologized in advance, and asked for patience and cooperation while significant overhauls to improve the service are being performed.

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Taigeru Beldeia signing out.

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