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98Q-8O - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory

Preparations for the 1st Annual SynCon Summit have begun to move forward after the announcement by Ishukone-Raata's Julianni Avala earlier this evening at her Syndicate Office "Ishukone-Raata is pleased to announced its first annual SynCon Summit - an event for both current and prospective shareholders to gather and voice their thoughts on future corporate investments and overall future progress."

I-RCN has been told that among the subjects to be covered during the Summit range from security measures, to current and future investments in regards to the Syndicate Stability Initiative II©. This initiative has become the I-RED flagship operation since the departure of longtime-Executor John Revenent. Since their return to Syndicate, both current Executor Alex Hinkelmann and Roirdan Bouchate made efforts to jumpstart I-RED's long abandoned venture, some say with more success then their predecessors.

According to Julianni Avala, "pledge investors and prospecting members of the interstellar community wishing to attend can do so for a small fee of 30,000,000.00 ISK. However, this requirement will not apply to current shareholders. Any who wish to attend may contact me via standard channels."

The SynCon Summit is expected to begin at 22:00 EvE standard time, January 7th YC119 at the Ishuk-Raata Offices in the 98Q-8O Solar System.

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Koren Akko reporting.

Koren Akko • YC118.12.10

SSI II© SynCon Summit

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