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Gallente Holoseries ‘Game of Crowns’ Draws Criticism Abroad

Koren Akko • YC121.05.14

Atlanins, Everyshore - The Impetus production Game of Crowns first nine episodes were released on May 13th. Already it has seen major backlash from critics within religious circles of Amarrian Empire, and despite it’s overwhelming success, harsh comments from film groups inside the Federation. Many of them largely in part due to the depiction of the late Empress and an otherwise good story destroyed by to much “Sex & Violence”.

In an interview with holofilm critic Ucien Toire, he stated that in his opinion “Peeper is currently more ablaze then the scene during Elder’s Fall [A cut showing the single handed destruction of the Elder Fleet at the hands of the heroine styled Empress]” due to scenes involving Aimée Dreneau, where the actress playing the part of Jamyl is seen several times partaking in debauchery with prominent members of nobility and slaves. While others voiced frustration that Dochuta Karsoth, who is viewed as a ‘Good Guy’ in the series only trying to hunt down his good friend Doriam II’s assassins.

Unconfirmed reports also appear to point toward members of the Ardishapur family, who may have quietly joined in the rising anger inside the Empire due to the insinuation in the holoseries that their house was full of Purist Cultists who sought to forcefully take the Imperial Throne, but had been thwarted by a Federation spy and Imperial Advisor duo.

While Impetus has stated it’s production is “pure fiction”, tempers continue to flair and it seems the Game of Crowns may see itself removed from the Amarrian entertainment sector completely. This hasn’t seemed to phase the production team however, after releasing a teaser of the upcoming season that depicts the entry of King Khanid, Drifters and seemingly more adult orientated divisive scenes.

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