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Semiki Based Contractor Breaks Ishukone-Raata Enforced NDA

Koren Akko • YC121.04.29

Semiki, The Forge - Following the successful purge of a aggressive malware infection last month, the more dire chapter of the Semiki Incident appears to be coming to a close. While sightings of Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch security vessels continue to be seen orbiting the Zainou station. It would seem that in light of the statements made by the Ishukone Watch that both ARC affiliates and the Ishukone-Raata “Cooperative” have already begun to remove unnecessary assets and personnel from the system.

The malware that was originally thought to be the product of a Lai Dai agent, continues to be researched by many loyalist organizations. ARC and their affiliates openly share carefully selected aspects of this research. A decision that has often drawn the ire of their politically aligned allies inside the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, who have kept all their findings under a blanket of confidentiality.

Officials however have recently report that a member of the Cooperative initiative has breached the Ishukone-Raata enforced NDA. The exact details of the leaked documents have yet to be released, if at all. An anonymous source who was unable to speak on the matter revealed that the individual involved was a employee of the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute, by the name of Akihiko Hiko. They believed that members of the Internal Watch had uncovered incriminating evidence that Doctor Hiko had handed over sensitive documents to New Eden Correspondent Reporters and may have been planning on selling the same information to an unnamed individual affiliated with ARC.

The Executor’s Spokesperson, Aimii Nata was quick to release a statement that “all legal measures under the NDA agreement would be taken into consideration” and “the employee involved has taken it upon themselves to avoid custody, forcing our security to issue permits accepting the arrest of the implicated individual from outside sources”.

Local bounty offices have confirmed this by reporting a reward of 2,212,000,000.00 ISK has been placed for the capture and secure return of Ishukone-Raata property in the possession of Doctor Akihiko Hiko.

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