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Nadire Security Consultants Complete SSI-II Development Contract

Koren Akko • YC121.04.28

98Q-8O, Syndicate - It has been several months since the small Gallente security firm Nadire Security Consultants [NADSC] secured a secretive short term infrastructure development contract. Not much is known as to the goal or extent of the backroom deal, as executives and staff belonging to the Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport Corporation [I-RAT] have made an effort to withhold all information from the public, by citing security concerns.

Public records however have revealed that NADSC has been targeting Customs Offices in the SSI-II “Free Trade & Development Zone”. Which have been replaced under I-RAT, and what appears to be a shell corporation.

When further inquiries were made about these findings, a spokesperson for the Executor’s office Aimii Nata made a statement. “Ishukone-Raata is committed to the prosperity and fair trade practices within the SSI-II project zone. Contractors are sometimes utilized in an effort to aid in expansion operations against threats to stable free trade in the region, and more importantly to ensure Ishukone’s interests are secured.”

This is not new for Ishukone-Raata under the current directorship. Security issues have in the past been successfully outsourced to mercenary groups like Akagi, and now Nadire Security.

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