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Thousands Celebrate 04.20 Across I-RED Syndicate Facilities With Music And Lots Of Harroule Dryweed

Taigeru Beldeia • YC121.04.20

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Across New Eden, the date of 04.20 is renown (or perhaps infamous) for users of the mentally stimulating crop Dryweed, originating from the Placid system of Harroule. While smoking Dryweed has relatively minimal effect on a user’s psyche compared to other forms of recreational drugs, the plant still carries with it some stigma in various corners of New Eden - most notably those areas under heavy Empire and State influence. Still, that did not stop reportedly “thousands” of residents across the many I-RED structures in Syndicate from openly celebrating their love for the unofficial holiday celebrating a very beloved plant.

“I do my work, I pay my taxes, and I contribute to society”, stated Arbash Jujaiko, a resident aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center. “I’m just using today as an opportunity to share the love with my fellow mankind around me!”, he stated, as he offered a blunt to the I-RCN cameraman.

I-RED has no official stance on the usage of Harroule Dryweed among its residents in Syndicate. While use of recreational drugs aboard I-RED facilities in State territory are generally frowned upon, the facilities I-RED maintains in Syndicate are notoriously more relaxed about many types of social expectations. I-RCN reached out to Director of Public Works, Roirdan Bouchate, for comment on the matter.

“Well…”, started out Director Bouchate as he puffed out a cloud of smoke from what appeared to be a cigar which smelled awfully similar to Dryweed. “The general stance of I-RED on the subject of Dryweed use in particular is very…relaxed. So long as users do not disrupt the peace with their public gatherings and abide by local protocols such as smoking only in designated smoke areas, we allow our residents much leeway in celebrating or not celebrating four-twenty as they please.”

Meanwhile, keen market observers have noted a sharp spike in short-term profits for the Serpentis Corporation which coincide with today’s date.

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