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Syndicate Splinterz League Celebrates Two Years, Announces Upcoming Tournament

Taigeru Beldeia • YC121.03.08

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Two years ago to this day, a handful of I-RED employees sought to create an official league to host Splinterz matches, a beloved sport in the Caldari State that sees custom-built robots duke it out in combat. Chairman for the SSL, Gerachi Boika, is currently hosting a gala aboard the Oriki Commercial Center in 6-U2M8. The event is sponsored by numerous big names which include I-RED, the Intaki Bank, and the Ishukone Corporation. Chairman Boika opened up the event with an announcement that the SSL will be hosting its biggest tournament to date, set to begin in June of YC121. The Syndicate Splinterz Superclash, as its going to be named, will be the league’s new major yearly tournament from this year going forward.

“I am pleased and humbled to bring this good news to the enthusiasts and audiences of Splinterz in Syndicate!”, announced Chairman Boika cheerfully. “SSL tournaments in the past will pale in comparison to the size of the Syndicate Splinterz Superclash both in terms of participant numbers and prizes. And for the latter, I on behalf of the entire SSL thank our generous sponsors of I-RED, Ishukone, Intaki Bank, Quafe, Aliastra, and many many more for their kind support.”

Ever since the return of I-RED to the 98Q “superpocket” years ago - an area consisting of the JQV5-9 and MK7-AO constellations - social researchers have observed a notable increase in the popularity of the traditionally State sport. While popularity for Splinterz remains the highest among populations dwelling in the aforementioned cluster of star systems, there is plenty traction gaining elsewhere in Syndicate. Particularly, the exciting visuals and displays of robotic combat seem to draw a lot of crowds and views from audiences all over the region. The ease with which gambling and bets can be made on matches has also likewise greatly helped increase the notoriety of the sport in the region of Syndicate, given the penchant for its residents to partake in such activities.

Applications for teams across the region to join the upcoming Summer tournament are now open. A full list of prizes have yet to be announced, but Chairman Boika did note that the grand prize will be one million Poitot Pounds. There are no entrance fees for the Syndicate Splinterz Superclash, courtesy of the array of big-name sponsors. A full list of tournament rules and qualifications will be released at a later date. For now, the Syndicate Splinterz League remains focused on advertising to recruit more interest in the battle royale sport.

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