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Enforcer Search And Rescue Teams Discovery Tragedy Following Sansha Incursion

Selenna Solange • YC121.01.30

CY-ZLP, Syndicate - The Sansha's Nation incursion within the JQV5-9 constellation in Syndicate has already withdrawn. Immediately following the retreat of Nation forces, I-RED Executor Hinkelmann lifted the state of martial law across all I-RED facilities operating in the region. Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet [I-REF] Constellation Commander Kuvo Maikalen has promptly ordered standing forces to begin search and recovery operations of outlying civilian outposts. A tragic discovery was recently made by S&R teams within the CY-ZLP system.

Commander Maikalen recently issued a public statement on the discovery. "In light of the recent discovery of a wreckage field of I-RED transports near a civilian outpost in the system of CY-ZLP, this announcement will also function as a public disclosure", reads an excerpt from the statement. "I had previously stated that I-REF was in close communications with Ishukone and Intaki Space Police forces in the constellation. I-REF transports supplied by Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport were busy working to extract civilians from poorly defended outposts in the area; these transports were usually escorted by Intaki Space Police security forces. We received warning of an impending attack on one civilian outpost in the system of CY-ZLP, and scrambled a small contingent of transports to assist with evacuations. Unfortunately, a number of the transports that were scrambled were in the midst of essential repairs and maintenance checks. Under my authority, I ordered the transports through with the mission anyway, in a desperate attempt to save as many lives as possible. While extraction of a majority of the population was successful, regrettably, two of the aforementioned transports suffered critical propulsion failures during the extraction. While crews on board valiantly attempted rapid troubleshooting interventions, Nation forces descended upon the outpost and quickly overwhelmed the security escort for the operation. The transports, their crew, their rescued civilians, and a handful of security vessels, were lost in the operation. I offer my sincerest apologies to the families of those who lost loved ones during the operation."

A I-REF S&R taskforce is currently sifting through wreckages of the vessels to recover any human remains that may be present. I-REF is currently working with local authorities to secure the abandoned outposts and stations which now litter the area following mass evacuations and Sansha abductions of civilians. I-REF has put out a public warning that any looters and scavengers attempting to take advantage of the results of the Nation incursion will be shot on sight.

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