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Tash-Murkon Refinery Manager Approves Visit From IPI Suresha Bataav

Taigeru Beldeia • YC121.01.26

A-3ES3, Syndicate - Station Manager Mishka Targalon has apparently been in contact with Intaki Prosperity Initiative Suresha Bataav, whom has garnered a rather unfavorable view among many Intaki living aboard the facility. Discontent surrounding the once revered Suresha Bataav stems from a recent decision he made to render assistance to the Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquirie's [IKAME] investigation in Semiki, rather than the one spearheaded by I-RED and the Heiian Conglomerate [HECON].

In a response to the outbreak of protests against his decision, Suresha Bataav offered a visit to the Tash-Murkon Refinery, to speak directly to the Intaki population which dominates the facility's Gamma Residential Sector. Suresha Bataav's response was marked with a calm and diplomatic tone. I-RCN has received report that Manager Targalon has reviewed his request and approved a visit to the facility.

It has not been confirmed when the Suresha will visit the facility, but it is expected he will be escorted by a sizable number of I-RED security personnel. According to a member of Manager Targalon's inner circle, she seemed adamant on there not being a repeat of chaos observed during the initial protests. I-RCN will be sure to provide coverage of the Suresha's visit when it occurs.

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