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I-RED Survey Teams Deploy To 6-U2M8 Waterworld

Selenna Solange • YC120.06.13

6-U2M8, Syndicate - An Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute survey team has deployed to the oceanic world of 6-U2M8 III as ordered by I-RED Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. Director Bouchate was open about the purpose of the survey team, stating that they were to gather and collect data which will be used for determining the site of a potential future colonial venture on the planet. When probed further as to specifically what “colonial venture” implies, Director Bouchate declined to comment. The I-RTI survey team is expected to remain on the planet for two weeks gathering extensive data.

“Many of the worlds in Syndicate are virgin worlds; largely unexplored and unknown, to public entities anyway”, commented Director Bouchate. “What data is known and granted publically to groups such as capsuleers is limited. This expedition to 6-U2M8 III will gather more detailed information on the planet, and will be kept on records internally. I-RED may decide at a later time to publicly release such data free of charge.”

External analysts suspect that following the recent and immensely successful colonization project fostered by I-RED in A-3ES3, the Utpattia Protectorate, that I-RED is eager to capitalize ripe opportunities for colonization projects in the region of Syndicate. Observant individuals will have noticed that according to public records available by I-RED, the Department of Public Works managed by Director Bouchate has increased noticeably in size over the past year. This department is responsible for overseeing all I-RED infrastructure and development, and spearheaded the Utpattia colony project.

Regardless of the outcome of this survey initiative, if the Utpattia colony is to be used as a benchmark, then only positive changes can come from the data that is gathered.

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