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Dr. Petrus Rouvier Confirmed To Be Working On Recent I-RTI Discovery

Selenna Solange • YC120.06.07

617I-I, Syndicate - The Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute has just confirmed that the enigmatic Dr. Petrus Rouvier is working alongside other scientists to analyze the recent discovery of bacterial and algal colonies on the shattered world of 35-RK9. Dr. Rouvier has gained notoriety as of late mostly due to the huge controversary surrounding the failed Anoikis exploration expedition led by himself. Specific details on how the expedition failed, and more importantly, how Dr. Rouvier was recovered from Anoikis space remain unanswered by I-RED officials.

Although no official reports on the health and mental status of Dr. Rouvier have been released by his I-RTI caretakers, rumors swirl about that he is mentally competent. Thus, some conspiracy theorists claim, the decision was made to allow him to exercise his vast knowledge in assisting the ongoing studying of these lifeforms discovered on drifting remains of 35-RK9 I.

Dr. Rouvier has not made very many public appearances. However, in a brief sighting aboard the XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support facility, he appeared to look fairly healthy and greeted the press with a simple smile and wave. He was accompanied by a number of I-RTI scientists who ushered him along down a corridor away from the press.

“Dr. Rouvier will not be taking any questions as of right now”, stated one of the escorting I-RTI scientists. “He and the rest of our team have much work to do - exciting work! These discovered specimens have a long story to tell.”

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