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Public Referendum Held Across Utpattia Colony - Political Recognition Changes Upcoming

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.06.04

A-3ES3, Syndicate - Yesterday morning the Utpattia Colony, consisting of the planetary city of Atlas and the low-orbit installation Cloudfront, introduced a public referendum to its citizens regarding its status as an independent colony in Syndicate. Despite being largely planned, built, and funded by the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, the capsuleer organization opted to grant the colony full independence early in January of YC120. It was determined that a seven member council would function as the leadership for the colony, basing itself in the colony’s capital city of Atlas. It has been only a few short months since these events, however, the public referendum was held due to mounting pressures of many of its citizens to officially rejoin the oversight of I-RED.

The ballot was simple - remain an independent colony or apply to be under the authority of I-RED once more. Voter participation was recorded at 96%. Colonial citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of the latter option at 82% for, 15% against, and 3% abstain. Celebrations of unity were held across the colonial capital.

For many citizens, the decision seemed obvious. “The entire existence of this paradise is because of Director [Roirdan] Bouchate and the rest of I-RED...there is no debate as to what the proper ballot choice was, if you ask me”, stated Atlas resident Harnav Padma.

“The colony was doing best under the supervision of I-RED”, contemplated Cloudfront resident Julasha Sargheti. “I firmly believe that the future of Utpattia is most bright if we were to rejoin under the authority of I-RED.”

However, not everyone was in favor of the referendum results. A number of fiercely independent and conservative Intaki took to the streets of Atlas and protested the results. They utilized the famed “By Intaki, For Intaki” catchphrase established by I-RED during their marches. Counter-protesters in favor of the referendum results were quick to march in kind. Revenent Defence Corporation, the colonial security contractor, forces were dispatched to maintain the peace between the two sides. No incidents of violence were reported, however.

The colonial council released a public statement this afternoon regarding the steps forward. “The people of Utpattia have spoken”, the public statement started. “Within the coming days, the colonial council will be working with I-RED officials to facilitate the necessary procedures for the rejoining of the colony under I-RED authority. We will remain in close contact with the citizens of Utpattia regarding how the situation will unfold, and what to expect in terms of governance and the like.”

Wary politicians who have been observing the whole Utpattia affair from afar in the neighboring Gallente Federation have blasted the referendum, with some vocal conservative politicians calling it “a sham” and “an elaborate ruse to display sympathy to the Intaki." A secretary for a Federal Senator, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated that the senator commented "the whole transfer of the colony back to the authority of I-RED is no surprise, really...what a mockery of true democracy."

Some tabloids paint the whole referendum as a masterfully orchestrated series of events by none other than I-RED leadership. Others suggest that the referendum was influenced by bribery and illicit deals.

Officials in I-RED have declined to provide comment on the matter.

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