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Utpattia Colony To Be Recognized As A Protectorate Of I-RED

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.06.10

A-3ES3, Syndicate - This time last week a referendum was held across the colony of Utpattia on the planet A-3ES3 II. Voters decided overwhelmingly to operate under the official authority of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. The several days have been full of talks to facilitate the transition and to formulate the new government. In a joint press release by a number of members of the Utpattia Colonial Council as well as I-RED directors, it has been announced that the colony will now operate as a semiautonomous protectorate of I-RED.

“After much discussion, we opted to continue to allow the people of Utpattia to continue living their lives in a rather autonomous manner”, commented Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. “The colony will now, however, benefit by having a closer relation with I-RED than under the previous arrangement. This can only spell further prosperity for Utpattia now and for the future.”

The Utpattia Colonial Council will continue to exist, and will now function as a relay between the colony and I-RED. The council approved the proposed changes with a unanimous vote in favor of them. Councilman Aizo Quresaa, Deteis by ethnicity and representative of half of Cloudfront, was perhaps most vocally supportive of the changes. Meanwhile native Syndicate Intaki councilman Pierre Kandash expressed some reservation about the whole affair, but nonetheless pronounced his support for the changes.

“With the new array of resources granted to Utpattians thanks to the merge, we will be better equipped to expand the colony further and supply it with adequate materials for routine upkeep”, expressed Councilman Quresaa enthusiastically. “The UCC will be putting together a taskforce to collaborate with the I-RED Department of Public Works for planning future colonial development.”

In many ways, the changes will maintain the status quo for Utpattians. They will largely maintain their independence and autonomy while being afforded greater protections under the official authority of I-RED. Shortly after the joint announcement, Councilwoman Jaina Hargolasti hosted a public rally in Atlas’ Marpiko Grand Park to officially rechristen the formal colony name as the Utpattia Protectorate. Rallies and celebrations across the colony continued well into the evening.

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