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I-RED Forces On High Alert In JQV5-9 Constellation

Selenna Solange • YC121.01.26

98Q-8O, Syndicate - With the recent establishment of a Sansha's Nation incursion in the constellation of JQV5-9, I-RED faces a difficult situation. A sizable portion of I-RED capsuleer forces have been deployed to Semiki and its surrounding areas in order to assist in the ongoing cyber malware crisis. Meanwhile, non-capsuleer forces in the form of the Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet [I-REF] have stayed behind to protect I-RED infrastructure in the area. The Sansha incursion has placed increasing strain on I-RED's limited resources, according to some analysts.

Although I-RED does not operate any Upwell facilities in the constellation of JQV5-9, there are many planetary customs offices in place. As a precautionary measure, Executor Alex Hinkelmann has ordered a state of martial law across all I-RED customs offices in the constellation. Throughout the past couple of days, I-REF transports have been ferrying off a majority of the civilian staffs aboard all customs offices, leaving only skeleton crews with security detachments behind to operate essential functions. Civilian crews have been shuttled to the Ishukone stations in 98Q-8O and S-U8A4 where they will stay until the incursion subsides.

Veteran commander of I-REF forces in the constellation, Kuvo Maikalen, provided a brief statement on the matter. "We do not anticipate Nation forces to pose a threat to I-RED customs offices in the area. Regretfully, I-RED is operating on limited resources, and will likely not be capable of engaging Sansha forces on an equal footing. I-REF forces are currently coordinating in local Ishukone and Intaki Space Police officials on how to best handle this situation. We are trying our best to assist outlying facilities and outposts before Nation can attack them."

When pressed for comment, Executor Hinkelmann was unable to provide further details, instead referring to the public statement put forth by Commander Maikalen. I-RCN will monitor the situation as it develops.

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