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I-RED Deploys To Semiki; Interview With I-RED Directors

Selenna Solange • YC121.01.20

Semiki, Lonetrek - With the recent events which transpired on the Zainou biohazard containment facility in Semiki, I-RED has deployed forces to the system alongside elements of the Heiian Conglomerate [HECON]. Within hours, an Astrahus-class citadel maintained by HECON for the purposes of coordination with I-RED and Ishukone, Ishukone Watch, Zainou, Wiyrkomi, and Aliastra officials will be fully operational. The joint I-RED-HECON team arrived in the system yesterday in a small force of Eagle-class heavy assault cruisers which escorted a Bustard-class deep space transport ferrying essential operation assets.

I-RCN had an opportunity to speak with a number of directors from I-RED regarding the recent situation in Semiki. Below is a transcript of the interview:

Solange: The recent security issues aboard the Zainou station and the resulting cyberinfection of Aliastra employees in Semiki appears troubling. Cyber viruses which are targeted at cerebral implants are both an uncommon and potent weapon; one which can pose a danger to many people across the cluster if used in a greater capacity. I-RCN is joined today by Director Ku Mayaseki, CEO of I-RED biotech subsidiary Integrated Health Systems. Also with us are I-RED Director of Intelligence Operations Korbin Lavius and Executor Alex Hinkelmann. Welcome, gentlemen.

Hinkelmann: Evening, Miss Solange.

Lavius: Ave.

Mayaseki: Greetings.

Solange: Right, let us dive right in to it. Will each of you be willing to elaborate on your role or duties with the Semiki situation?

Hinkelmann: Gladly. My direct involvement in the situation is limited. I am mostly coordinating communications between Ishukone officials and our own personnel.

Mayaseki: I am leading a small team of cybernetics researchers and developers from IHS. While normally IHS maintains a notable amount of autonomy from greater I-RED affairs, we were called in to assist in ongoing investigation efforts at the request of I-RED leadership. We are, of course, glad to oblige, given our expertise in biotechnology, and cerebral cybernetics in particular. We are in close communications with the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute IT team as well.

Lavius: Right, I suppose it's my turn. I am working alongside I-RED's contingent of security forces which have been deployed to Semiki to provide additional reinforcements if need be. I-RED has opted to use forces from both of its current primary security contractors, the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch and Revenent Defense Corporation. O-RIW will focus on ground operations while RDC forces will take priority of managing forces in space.

Solange: Thank you all for your input. On a related note, is there any comment on the resources available by your teams? What sorts of qualifications do each of you and your groups represent, perhaps?

Lavius: Respectfully, Miss Solange, we are unable at this time to provide specifics on exact resources on hand. We will note, however, that we have available to us cyberwarfare experts, technical support staff, cybernetics experts, and an appropriate security contingent for their defense with all the teams put together. As for qualifications, RDC has been a founding member of I-RED, before taking on a more PMC approach and shifting to becoming the alliance's primary security contractor. As for I-RED as an entity, we unfortunately are very familiar with the likes of turncoats from within facilitating sabotage. In this respect, our security teams have venerable experience when handling internal security matters which Zainou has apparently had issues in with regards to the Semiki affair. Furthermore, the scope of this attack is concerning. One of the affected groups, the Aliastra corporation, happens to be a business partner of I-RED. I-RED stands in solidarity with Aliastra and their employees. We remain committed to promoting the livelihoods of all Intaki, and we look forward to working with Aliastra officials to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

Mayaseki: I will defer most of my comments to those made by Mr. Lavius. Operational security and such. As for my personal qualifications, I graduated from the School of Applied Knowledge with a bachelor's in human biology as well as cybernetics. I later returned to SAK for my doctorate in biocybernetics. My team for this mission is likewise well educated in the field biotechnology.

Solange: Right, of course. Thank you! So, quite the buzz has been centered around the seeming lack of high-level coordination between Zainou capsuleer affiliate Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME] and the joint I-RED-HECON assembly. Is there a reason for this that any of you would be willing to share?

Lavius: I'll defer to Executor Hinkelmann for the answer you seek.

Mayaseki: Likewise.

Hinkelmann: I won't presume to speak on our associates in the Conglomerate, but the stance between I-RED and IKAME is indeed an interesting one. I-RED has since its inception been a staunch supporter of Ishukone; coming up on ten years of active service to Ishukone and the State, from the warzone, to the frontier of Syndicate, we prioritize the safety of Ishukone's assets, both personnel and material. As such we firmly believe in promoting certain stipulations and agreements between cooperative groups when it comes to operating with outside entities on a issue such as the Semiki one. IKAME is part of the Arataka Research Consortium, which is a multinational conglomerate who prioritize neutrality and transparency when possible. While neutrality and transparency in many aspects are commendable, we as an organization simply cannot approve of such tactics when handling the sensitive affairs of our parent corporation and her subsidiaries. I believe this is where the rift between our groups stems from - a difference in approach to dealing with this problem. Furthermore, there seems to be an idea that I-RED and HECON are attempting to step on the authority of other capsuleer groups. This is simply not true. Perhaps the wording of our public remarks could have been tailored better, but we openly agree to cooperate with any individual or entity that will abide by a non-disclosure agreement to protect the interests of Zainou and Ishukone. Additionally, such potential allies cannot be open enemies of the Caldari State, naturally.

Solange: Of course, yes. It is an interesting dynamic indeed. You mention differing approaches to dealing with a problem. Can you elaborate on why this is so important to you?

Mayaseki: I believe I can answer this question with regards to the safety of human life in mind. Assuming I-RED were to promote a transparent approach and openly discuss details such as the tools we have available to us, how we plan to utilize those tools, how we plan to implement strategies to neutralize any potential threats, and the methods by which we operate, then by default we forfeit the entire safety of individuals who could be affected by cyberwarfare against cerebral cybernetics. Taking such an approach opens up an avenue for the perpetrators of this cyber attack to stay one or more steps ahead of us, and attack again, with potentially greater consequences for whomever their targets are. This approach, with all due respect, is not only erroneous, but it is unethical. We owe it better to handle the situation with due discretion in order to protect the lives of our employees, those of our parent corporation and her subsidiaries, and those of Aliastra. This is not to say that I-RED will not release our potential findings at a later point in time. We will forward to the cluster at-large any pertinent information regarding the attack that may be of use to prevent future attacks like this, but for the duration of this current problem in Semiki we will refuse to publish any such information.

Solange: Thank you for your comments Dr. Mayaseki. Lastly, it has been stated that I-RED is willing to cooperate with outside individuals and entities so long as they abide by certain disclosures beforehand and aren't outright enemies to the State. With these considerations in mind, has there been any offers of assistance from outside groups? If so, how do these potential offers plan to be used?

Hinkelmann: I believe thus far we have received an offer of support from Dr. Mizhir Devara of Devara Biotech. Dr. Devara has quite the resume under her belt, with collaborative publications done alongside ARC with regards to the Drifters. It is still too early to confirm or deny anything, but I will say that the offer is being considered and we will be in talk with the doctor soon. Recently, the Antumbra corporation has begun the process of anchoring a Raitaru-class facility near the Zainou station. Their leadership has initiated contact with our allies at HECON, and I believe discussion is ongoing. I cannot comment further on the matter.

Solange: Thank you for your clarification Executor Hinkelmann. For now, that will conclude our interview. I-RCN will continue to monitor the situation in Semiki. For I-RCN, this is Selenna Solange.

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