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I-RED Press Release: Alliance Organization

Selenna Solange • YC120.12.19

XS-XAY, Syndicate - In an official press release with media present, I-RED has made some announcements regarding the leadership of the organization. Present at the press table were prominent figures such as I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann, Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate, RDC CEO/Admiral John Revenent, and RDC Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius. It was held aboard the XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support Astrahus.

"I-RED welcomes the return of the Revenent Defense Corporation to organization", commented Executor Hinkelmann. "This return has long been expected as RDC had satisfied to an appropriate degree the requirements of the security contract with I-RED's allies in Syndicate. The return of RDC, and thus I-RED's former leadership circle, has prompted an array of questions from curious observers. Now, after some time in deliberation, I-RED is ready to formally announce the results of these discussions."

"RDC at this time does not seek to return to a leading role within I-RED", stated Admiral Revenent. "I-RED has grown tremendously in economic and political influence following the wise leadership of individuals such as Executor Hinkelmann and Director Bouchate. It seems only fitting for the alliance leadership structure to remain as is for the foreseeable future. RDC will, however, take control of directing I-RED's in-house security branches - the ground-focused Ishukone-Raata Security Corps and the interstellar-focused Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet."

When asked if whether I-RSCO and I-REF forces will be expanded or integrated with existing RDC forces, Admiral Revenent denied this. "I-RSCO and I-REF forces will remain as they are, except now the ultimate leadership and directing of these forces will fall under RDC. RDC will maintain its military independence and function in a security contractor role for I-RED. Any security contracts arranged with I-RED will be carried out by RDC forces while I-RSCO and I-REF forces remain protecting I-RED assets."

I-RED's current security contracts with local entities in Syndicate will remain as is for the rest of their durations. Any renewals will be negotiated with Admiral Revenent's announcement in mind.

Overall, things will remain as they are for I-RED. Meanwhile stocks have remained stable following the I-RED press release.

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