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Official Structural Announcements Expected From I-RED Soon

Selenna Solange • YC120.12.11

XS-XAY, Syndicate - It has now been over a week since the Revenent Defense Corporation (RDC) has quietly slipped back into the fold of I-RED. RDC, once the controlling corporation of the organization, left a couple of years prior in order to better fulfill a contract with allied forces in Syndicate. Some critics will also suggest that RDC leadership vacated I-RED due to numerous scandals, such as the infamous "Syndicate killing fields" and handling of the situation. Now RDC has rejoined the organization, but no official announcements or ceremonies have been made.

For the time being, all remains as it was. When pressed for comment in a recent sighting, current Executor Alex Hinkelmann said that details were "forthcoming."

As of today I-RED leadership has finally broken their silence on the matter and stated that an official press release will be provided within the coming days. Some speculate that no major changes will take place. Others argue that the current directorship will be replaced with the former administration. Stock values for the companies within the organization remain stable for now. It remains to be seen whether they decline or increase following the upcoming I-RED announcement in regards to leadership.

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