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Retail Chains Expect Higher Than Average Sales For YC120 Yoiul Festival

Koren Akko • YC120.12.01

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Retail chains across Syndicate are predicting higher amounts of sales for this year's Yoiul Festival. Large brands such as FedMart all the way down to smaller, more local chains are hustling to prepare for a busy holiday shopping season - a season which many market analysts agree has already begun as of a couple weeks ago. As for the reasons which are sparking this prediction, an aggregate of recent polls and census data seem to explain the suspicions.

A poll conducted by Aliastra across a number of their Syndicate stations seem to suggest that holiday spirit among residents is higher this year than in previous years. The retail store's early holiday sales, which weren't included in their public report, confirm the polls findings, according to Aliastra officials.

Furthermore, an influx of immigration within the last few years has coalesced into an increase in Yoiul Festival sales. A sizable portion of these immigrants come from the Federation and Caldari State, where consumerism is high and thus may explain the eagerness of this group of residents to shop for the holidays.

"It is really quite simple", explains Jinn Nigarra, a market analyst for IshuMart (I-RED's in-house retail brand). "A steady influx of potential consumers leads to a steady increase in sales over time for the holiday season. These groups of people don't necessarily need to enjoy celebrating the Yoiul holiday, they just have to be followers of capitalism - which many people of this region are."

Some areas of Syndicate are expected to experience higher levels of sales compared to others. For instance, the 98Q superpocket of systems is home to a number of capsuleer groups with I-RED being among them. The 98Q superpocket has seen a significant increase in population over the last few years due to a concerted effort by groups such as I-RED to promote economic development in the area. These systems also boast a major increase in population due to immigration compared to other constellations of Syndicate.

I-RCN's financial division will continue to monitor economic trends as the month of December treads forward.

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