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Freak Storm Ravages Swathes Of Crops Of Intaki Colony

Selenna Solange • YC120.11.14

Harroule, Placid - An unusually strong tropical storm has decimated a large portion of khuska fields on the Intaki colony of Duureanta (Harroule IV), in the province of Monteblanca. The province, named after infamous early governor Pierre Montblanc, is predominantly inhabited by large farms which are dedicated to producing the tasty crop. While tropical storms are not uncommon for this geographic area, ones that cause notable damage to the khuska fields are extremely rare.

In addition to the destruction of a large portion of the khuska fields, a handful of fatalities were also reported. A local farmer told I-RCN that a storm like this has not been seen in "many generations", and that they took precaution and evacuated the province like many other families did.

The damage caused by the storm, which has now died down and is heading out to sea, has caused quite the unrest in the colonial capital of Vaashnapoor. Market analysts fear what the final numbers could be for economic impact of the storm on the colony's exports.

"Monteblanca hosts one of the more established areas of khuska farming for the colony of Duureanta", commented one analyst. "It will be interesting to see what the survey teams report, but so far it is estimated the storm has caused at least 5,000,000 in local credits."

I-RED Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate, born and raised on the colony of Duureanta, has pledged to cover any and all expenses related to the storm.

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