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Precautionary Evacuations Of Falinnouse Mining Array Complete

Selenna Solange • YC120.07.20

VV-VCR, Syndicate - A mandatory evacuation of the Falinnouse Mining Array stationed in the system of VV-VCR has completed as of this morning. Only a skeleton crew remains, mostly security personnel and mechanics who are essential to maintain basic functions for the Athanor-class Upwell Refinery. The evacuation of personnel began shortly after the final reinforcement timer went into effect following an assault by a capsuleer Tempest-class battleship fleet from pilots in United Federation of Conifers [.UFC.].

Hostilities between I-RED and UFC forces spawned as a result of I-RED's close affiliation with the Revenent Defence Corporation [RDC], who is a member of 404 Alliance Not Found [U-WOT]. U-WOT and UFC were formally both a part of a coalition of alliances in Syndicate, which included key groups such as SONS of BANE [.SOB.] and Banderstadt [CUT.]. U-WOT, along with allies SOB and CUT, have traditionally kept their friendly lists small. Over time, however, UFC pushed for adding more and more groups in the region into being in good standings with the coalition. This has been a source of contention between the combat-eager groups of U-WOT, SOB, and CUT.

Weeks ago, UFC formally reset standings with SOB and CUT. During this fiasco, U-WOT opted to remain as neutral as possible, given the long history of friendship between all of the groups involved. However, as a result of a recent friendly attack committed by a member of U-WOT, UFC also reset U-WOT without engaging in any diplomatic procedures. The controversial U-WOT pilot in question accidentally disabled the warp of a UFC vessel while allegedly under the influence of boosters. The warp disrupted vessel was eventually destroyed by a pursuing SOB fleet, costing a friendly loss of 140 million ISK. The cost of the vessel was reimbursed by U-WOT some time after the incident, but standings between UFC and U-WOT were reset regardless as ordered by UFC leader Darius Caliente.

Following the breakdown of friendly relations between the two groups, a UFC fleet reinforced the I-RED Falinnouse Mining Array in VV-VCR. During the opening to push for the final reinforcement window, a UFC Tempest fleet supported by an Apostle-class force auxiliary sieged the facility. An outnumbered defense fleet led by U-WOT tried to harass the fleet. Although they were successful in destroying more ISK than they lost, the U-WOT forces were unable to deter the attacking UFC fleet from activating the final reinforcement window.

Once the final timer began and the UFC forces cleared the field, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann ordered an immediate evacuation of all non-essential personnel and assets from the refinery. These operations did not meet any resistance from hostiles, although an Enforcer security taskforce consisting of Caracal and Moa-class cruisers supported by Basilisk-class logistics guarded the evacuation fleet.

The refinery is set to come out of its final reinforcement in a little under two days, and I-RED has been in close coordination with their allies to defend the structure.

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