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I-RED Enforcer Mobilizations Observed Earlier Come To A Halt

Selenna Solange • YC120.07.02

6-U2M8, Syndicate - A sizable mobilization of I-RED Enforcer vessels was observed in the late hours of today, around 17:30 NEST. Waves of primarily Enforcer frigates were seen branching out of the 98Q superpocket and dispersing in different directions once reaching the system of M2-CF1. I-RED has not formally commented on the matter, and has denied requests for comment by various media.

However, as of a few hours ago reports were coming in across Syndicate that these vessels were returning back to the 98Q superpocket. What has prompted their return remains unclear. What their purpose was fanning out across the region even more so.

For now, the rest of the Enforcer fleet remains on standby or is engaged in routine affairs. Many individuals are speculating on the meaning of such a maneuver, and some analysts note curiosity at the fact that the operation took place around the same time a mysterious message was broadcasted to local fluid router networks in Syndicate and beyond. The broadcast in question has been linked below:

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