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Poitot - Syndicate popstar Ashee Talario, better known by her stage name of Stellaria, has announced the cancel of her Poitot show which was one stop on her Syndicate Stella Tour. Eager fans who had made plans to see her performance in Poitot expressed their dismay on social media. It is unclear why the popstar canceled her show in Poitot, but rumors floating around say it may have been due to either a security concern or an illness from ingesting poor-quality drugs.

One Peeper user, SyndiGawd, peeped "So sad the show was canceled!! I even picked out my fav outfit for the event and booked a ticket to a local nightclub! Why Stellaria?! :(." The peep has been liked and shared many times on the social media interface.

"We understand some of the disappointment in this last minute canceling of the show", remarked Stellaria's agent. "We will be issuing full refunds for all those who planned on attending the Poitot show, and they will be eligible for discounts for upcoming shows on the Syndicate Stella Tour."

Local hotels in Poitot seem to share the disappointment of the canceled show, but are hopeful that those who already booked stays will not cancel on them. Some are even taking a step further to offer special deals, discounts, or other promotions.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.10.12

Local Popstar Cancels Performance

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